The New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. (NYSABPRL) is dedicated to engaging New York State residents in dialogue about issues and policies that are having an impact at any given time – adverse or favorable – on their communities. More important is the fact that NYSABPRL aims to empower New York State residents with information and tools, to embark on initiatives aimed at delivering positive outcomes in their local communities.

Historically, NYSABPRL has engaged the public at its annual convention, through the presentation of issue-focused workshops, and by collaborating with and lauding community-based leaders from every county, city, community and neighborhood across the State. NYSABPRL’s annual convention has always been and will continue to be the arena at which community service, educational advancement, community development, and economic development across the state is recognized. In 2020, NYSABPRL intends to launch its expanded mission and focus.

NYSABPRL looks forward to your sponsorship and attendance at NYSABPRL’S 2020 Annual Convention, to be held on February 14–February 16 2020.