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EmblemHealth hosts Brooklyn’s 1st Health & Wellness Expo


September 23, 2021


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – EmblemHealth, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit health insurers, was joined Saturday (10/2/2021) in Brownsville, Brooklyn by elected leaders, community organizations, and medical professionals to host its first in a series of citywide Healthier Futures Wellness Expos.

Several hundred Brooklynites attended the event, which provided COVID-19 vaccinations in addition to dozens of other medical screenings, including breast cancer, diabetes, and HIV screenings, a job fair, free haircuts and manicures, live entertainment, free food, and other activities.

“At EmblemHealth, we believe in communities and in the people, who make them vibrant places to live. Our Healthier Futures Wellness Expo allowed us to partner with them to help keep Brooklyn healthy, safe, and flourishing,” said Beth Leonard, Chief Corporate Affairs 

Officer at EmblemHealth. “After more than a year, where many people put their health concerns on the backburner, these expos provide support for our communities on a face-to-face level. We were in Brooklyn to remind everyone that their health is important because they are important.”

As the pandemic severely impacted people’s accessibility to routine and essential health care resources in the community, EmblemHealth launched its series of expos this month in Brooklyn to help eliminate barriers to care by bringing healthcare access deeper into New York City neighborhoods. This Brooklyn event, and the ones to follow, deliver on EmblemHealth’s mission to create healthier futures for the communities it serves and will bring the “doctor’s office directly to the people.”

Nate Coney, Vice President for Wellness Partnerships at Medly, said, “In working with EmblemHealth to help expand pharmacy access to their members, I’ve seen firsthand the company’s commitment to democratizing healthcare. This exposition helps bring preventative care, like vaccines and medical screenings, directly into underserved communities – which often face access barriers like pharmacy deserts – to eliminate healthcare disparities.”

Experts also warn that this Flu season will be worse than last year due to increased travel and continued COVID vaccination reluctance, among other factors. To help prevent Flu and COVID surges, the Healthier Futures expos allow people to get checked and vaccinated on site.

“Vaccination hesitancy is not the only contributing factor for the low vaccination rates in underserved communities, which often consist of people of color. Lack of access to vaccines and structural barriers are also impacting the rates of vaccination within these communities,” said Charlene Gayle, Executive Director of the New York State Association of Black Puerto Rican Hispanic and Asian Legislators Inc. “Residents within these communities also suspended regular Doctor visits and healthcare treatment they need. The Association is happy to once again work with EmblemHealth to reach individuals who work on the front lines and or live-in underserved communities in New York City who need access to vaccinations, dietary information, healthy foods, and medical treatment so that they can manage their health more effectively while we are still in the throes of the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

EmblemHealth’s Neighborhood Care centers in Brooklyn (Crown Heights and East New York locations) are also free healthcare resource hubs where members of the community can easily walk in and or contact these offices to get help and information from many assistance programs, including help with food, physical fitness classes, community programs, and a host of other care resources.

Due to the pandemic, many medical professionals are seeing the harmful effects of delayed care across the spectrum of health care needs. A recent Harvard study showed that one in five Americans reported that they or a household member delayed receiving medical care or was unable to get care due to the crisis. The numbers are even greater in underserved communities and in communities of color. Throughout October, EmblemHealth and its community partners will host Healthier Futures Wellness Expos in select NYC neighborhoods. 

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Brooklyn College Student Receives $1,000 Scholarship


September 23, 2021


Assemblywoman Michele R. Titus, chairwoman of the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators (NYSA- BPRL), presented a $1,000 NYSA- BPRL College Scholarship to 20- year-old Brooklyn College student, Ahdara Yahsharalaisrael in her Mott Avenue office, on Friday, March 3.

The NYSABPRL College Scholar- ship Program is funded by the annual gala dinner held during the Legislative Conference, a weekend of workshops and events targeted to New York State’s communities of color.

The desire to earn a degree, along with merit and financial need, are the criteria for eligibility for a student to be awarded a NYSA- BPRL College Scholarship.

“I have watched Ahdara grow up. She has had an outstanding educational career. I’m very proud of her many accomplishments” said Titus.

Yahsharalaisrael works as a page in the Central Library, as a paraprofessional in the Learners and Leaders program, started a mentorship program called Aspire to Inspire at Far Rockaway High School and Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn and is a budding entrepreneur with a line of politically correct, casual clothing.

“It is a nice line of clothing. People will want to wear it. Not my age, but younger people” Titus said.

“I work with the high-risk kids who have no thoughts of going to college until I start to work with them, Yahsharalaisrael said. “They live in a whole different bubble. One hour during lunch, two to three times a week, I help them write their entrance essays and prepare their portfolios. There is a big sister, big brother feel. My goal is to empower them to dream big.”

Yahsharalaisrael is paying it forward.

If you are a student from an economically disadvantaged or low/moderate income family and have been accepted and are enrolled in college with a B or above grade point average, or are the parent or guardian of such a student, you can apply for the NYSABPRL College Scholarship Program at Assemblywoman Michele R. Titus’s District Office, 19-31 Mott Ave., Room 301, Far Rockaway, 718-327-1845 or